Welcome To The World of Toe Reading

What is Toe Reading?

Toe Reading is the ancient art of analyzing the angle and contour of the toes.  It is based on the theory that your body holographically records the story of your life.  The energy of emotion that a person experiences changes the shape of the toes, especially if it is negative.

Toe Reading is not an interpretation of the future.  It is a review of what you have already experienced as it is reflected in the toes.  In a toe reading session..Everything Is Something!!

What are the historical roots of Toe Reading?

Working on someone’s feet to create healing has very ancient roots, practiced by the early Egyptians as documented on a wall painting dating back to 2330 BC  in the tomb of Ankhmahor, the highest official after the king, at Saqqara, known as the  physician’s tomb.

This form of healing art is now known as Reflexology which dates back to 5000 years.  A book was written in 1917 by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald titled “Zone Therapy”.  One of the stories he tells is about a concert singer whose voice had gone flat.  After looking at her toes, Dr. Fitzgerald told her that the cause for the loss of her voice tone was attributed to a callus on her right big toe.

What techniques are used for a Toe Reading?

First, there is an examination of both the right and left foot, as each foot tells it’s own story.  The Asian philosophy of Yin and Yang is the first step of a Toe Reading session.  Toe Reading blends several techniques to include, Indian Ayurvedic Medicine’s 5-Element Theory  based on the understanding that each toe has unique characteristics and predictable patterns.

The analysis also includes an understanding of the connection of each toe to the bodies energies systems called “Chakras’ which originate from Hindu Text.

From there a unique process of analyzing the Elements, Chakra’s, Directional formation, Shape, Size, and Spacing between the toes creates a very interesting experience for both the client and toe reader.

The body is the ultimate biofeedback system.  Illness, as well as toes that twist or turn, provide information about the fit between the body’s needs and it’s lifestyle or soul path.

I invite you to “Take The Next Step” and schedule an appointment to take a “Sole Journey” by visiting my website at http://www.conscioushealingspace.com.

Until then…may you experience opulent health and abundance with much Grace and Ease!


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